About SF3 Grants

Note: The SF3 grant program is currently on hiatus; we will not be accepting grant applications in 2021.

SF3 awards grants during its annual meeting in October; funds are generally disbursed by early November. Occasionally awards are granted on an emergency basis. Grant applications for each year are due by October 1st, so that they can be reviewed prior to the annual meeting.

Available funds are determined by the overall budgetary needs of SF3.

Grant submissions must include the following information:

  • What are the goals and purposes of the project to be funded?
  • How will any grant funds be used – for example, will they be part of a larger budget, or pay for something specific?
  • What are your project’s other sources of funding?
  • How is your project aligned with SF3‘s mission regarding science fiction, fantasy fiction, and feminism, including gender, race, ability and class?
  • What communities will your project benefit?
  • What are the timelines for your project?
  • What references can you provide? These may include details of related projects, connections to other SF3 projects, an advisor’s name for academic work, etc.
  • Your full contact information, including telephone, email, website, and mailing address

Organizations or individuals who receive SF3 grants will be required to acknowledge that funding and to report back to SF3 on the progress and outcome of the funded project. For example, a copy of your publication, film, convention program book, website link, book, or academic paper.

In making funding decisions, SF3 considers:

  • The value of the proposed project to our community
  • Alignment of the proposed project with SF3‘s mission
  • SF3‘s grant funding budget

Past Recipients