Aurora 24, Vol 9, No 1 Table of Contents

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Aurora 24, Vol 9, No 1 (PDF)

Table of Contents

Book Review Introduction: How to Suppress Women’s Writing, by Joanna Russ Jeanne Gomoll 3
Letters Ethel Lindsey* 4
Letters Barbara Tennison* 4
Letters Garth Spencer* 4
Letters Tony Alsobrook-Renner 5
Letters Valerie Eads* 5
Letters Millea Kenin* 6
Letters Shirley Goodgame* 7
Letters Julianne Chatelain* 7
Essay Re-Evaluating Andre Norton Kendra Usack* 8
Essay Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Speculative Feminist Barbara Emrys* 11
Essay Katherine MacLean’s Subtle Humor Robin Roberts* 13
Essay Appreciating Lee Killough Don D’Ammassa 16
Poetry Words Stain Terry A. Garey 16
Essay Free Radical: Miriam Allen de Ford Fran Stallings* 17
Essay The Poet Dreams: Sonya Dorman Robert Frazier* 19
Poetry Essay on Elements Sonya Dorman* 19
Poetry My Asylum Diane Webster* 21
Fiction The Businessman and His Wife Janice Rosenberg* 22
Poetry I Dig for Words Terry A. Garey 24
Poetry A Biased Review (for Wendy rose) Terry A. Garey 25
Essay The Soul of Lillith: Nineteenth Century Fantastic Fiction by Women Cheryl Cline* 26
Essay Mediocrity and Women’s Science Fiction Jessica Amanda Salmonson 30
Poetry Paragraph Terry A. Garey 32
Essay Evangeline Walton—Interpreter of Myths Darrah Chavey 33
Bibliography Evangeline Walton Darrah Chavey 35
Bibliography Sources: Feminist Collections and Feminist Periodicals Diane Martin 36
Bibliography Sonya Dorman Robert Frazier* 36
Bibliography Lee Killough Don D’Ammassa 36
Bibliography Katherine MacLean Robin Roberts* 36
Bibliography Women SF Writers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Tom Porter* 37
Art Mary Bohdanowicz* 10, 26, 36
Art Alain Comfort* 9
Art Cath Easthope* 36
Art Michael J. Elderman* 25
Art R. Alain Everts* 34
Art Steven Fox* Front and Back Covers, 6, 7
Art Jeanne Gomoll 4, 22
Art Joan Hanke-Woods 30
Art Phebe Hemphill* 21
Art Wendy Rose 25
Art Bill Rotsler* 5
Art Georgie Schnobrich 18, 29
Art Arlin Teeselink* 11
Art Ilene Weber* 3
* We have not been able to contact this contributor.

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