Janus 07, Vol 3, No 1 Table of Contents

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Janus 07, Vol 3, No 1 (PDF)

Janus 07 Vol 3, No 1 /WisCon 1 Program Book

Table of Contents

Editorial News Nurds Jeanne Gomoll 2
Editorial Prescription and Proscription Janice Bogstad 4
GoH Bio Katherine MacLean Janice Bogstad 6
GoH Biblio Katherine MacLean Jeanne Gomoll & James A. Cox* 7
GoH Bio Amanda Bankier Jennifer Bankier 8
WisCon 1 Program Alice Through the Looking Glass of SF: The Feminist SF Panel Jeanne Gomoll 9
WisCon 1 Program Contemporary Science Fiction Thomas J. Murn 10
WisCon 1 Program The Things That the Things that Atoms Are Made of Are Made of John Bartelt 10
WisCon 1 Program The Literary Pleasures and Possibilities of Heroic Fantasy Richard West* 11
WisCon 1 Program The Fantasy Upon the Theme of Education Gregory G. H. Rihn 11
WisCon 1 Program FIAWOL, or: Can Fans Still Be Fannish with Frostbitten Noses? Douglas H. Price 12
WisCon 1 Program H. G. Wells Multi-Media Presentation Philip Kaveny 12
WisCon 1 Program Religion and Science Fiction Diane Martin 13
WisCon 1 Program Political Issues in Science Fiction Janice Bogstad 13
Essay Somebody Out There is Listening Philip Kaveny 15
Essay JB vs. JB: An Exchange John Bartelt and Janice Bogstad 17
Essay Philip K. Dick and Perception of Reality … Or, New Weltanschauungs For Old Lesleigh Luttrell* 19
Fiction Timewaves John Bartelt 22
Movie Review The Rocky Horror Picture Show Douglas H. Price 26
WisCon 1 Program WisCon Film Notes Hank Luttrell* 27
Movie Review Survival (?) of the Fittest (?) (King Kong, The Land that Time Forgot, Carrie) Diane Martin and Richard S. Russell 29
Book Review The Diploids, The Missing Man, and Many Others—An Overview of MacLean’s Work James A. Cox* 32
Book Review The Missing Man, by Katherine MacLean Jeanne Gomoll 33
Book Review The Diploids, an Anthology including “The Diploids,” “Defense Mechanism,” and “Be Merry Games,” “Incommunicado,” “The Snowball Effect,” “Pictures Don’t Lie,” and “Feedback,” by Katherine MacLean James A. Cox* 34
Book Review The Diploids, by Katherine MacLean Douglas H. Price 35
Book Review The Diploids, by Katherine MacLean James A. Cox* 35
Fanzine Review The Witch and the Chameleon, edited by Amanda Bankier Jeanne Gomoll 37
Journal Review Extrapolation Pete Brown* 38
Fanzine Review Incoming Fanzines Douglas H. Price 40
Art Janice Bogstad 18
Art Kelly Clifton* 10, 12
Art Perry Corrick* 26
Art Jeanne Gomoll 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40
Art Robert Kellough* Front Cover, 9, 13, 37
Art Hank Luttrell* Photo, p 3
Art Doriane Nieburgs* Back Cover
Art Tom Robe* 37
* We have not been able to contact this contributor.

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