Janus 16, Vol 5, No 2 Table of Contents

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Janus 16, Vol 5, No 2 (PDF)

Table of Contents

Editorial News Nurds Jeanne Gomoll 2
Editorial The Making of Janus Janice Bogstad 4
Interview Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Interviewed Janice Bogstad 6
Interview Jo Clayton Interviewed Janice Bogstad 10
Book Reviews Psionics & Pslaves: The novels of the Diadem (Diadem from the Stars, Lamarchos, Irsud, and Maeve), by Joe Clayton; The Silistra Series (High Couch of Silistra, the Golden Sword, Wind from the Abyss, and The Carnelian Throne), by Janet Morris Gregory G.H. Rihn 15
Book Reviews An Apocalyptic Dystopia: Time of the Fourth Horseman, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Diane Martin 15
Book Reviews The Non-Science Fiction of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Beverly DeWeese 16
Book Reviews Quinn Yarbro’s Non-traditional Vampire (Sort of Like Doc Savage with Culture): (The Palace and Hotel Transylvania) Diane Martin 17
Book Reviews Amazons!, by Jessica Amanda Salmonson Jeanne Gomoll 20
Book Reviews Amazons!, by Jessica Amanda Salmonson Greg G. H. Rihn 23
Humor Bizarre Apartment Life Richard Bruning and Jeanne Gomoll 26
Small Press Review View from the Other Side, Reviews of the Feminist Small Press Jessica Amanda Salmonson 26
Archon & X-Con Reports Archon Philip Kaveny 29
Archon & X-Con Reports Archon Janice Bogstad 29
Archon & X-Con Reports Archon Hank Luttrell 30
Archon & X-Con Reports Archon Philip Kaveny 30
Archon & X-Con Reports X-Con and Archon James A. Cox 30
Poetry There’s a Place I Run Towards When things Scare Me Pat Mueller 31
Alternate Universe Movie Review Celluloid Fantasia Stu Shiffman* 33
Essay Future Insulation: Ctein* 34
Essay Blue Sky & Red Tape, Part 2 Richard S. Russell 37
Poetry Compass Me Round with Silence Robert Frazier* 39
Art David Vereshagin 5, 16
Art David Thayer 19, 40
Art Arlin Teeselink* 3, 34
Art Stu Shiffman* 33
Art Georgie Schnobrich 19, 26, 27
Art Greg Rihn 9, 12
Art Sarah Prince 18
Art Victoria Poyser* 13
Art Gene Perkins* 35
Art Ole Kvern 19
Art James McLeod* 15
Art Diane Martin 4
Art Joan Hanke-Woods Front and Back Covers, 1
Art Jeanne Gomoll 6, 10, 19, 20, 25, 35, 37
Art Alexis Gilliland* 19, 36
Art Steve Fox* 29, 12
Art Liz Danforth* 31
Art Karen Dalkey* 19
Art Richard Bruning 19, 25
* We have not been able to contact this contributor.


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