Board Duties

All Board Members

  • Must hold SF3 Membership at the time of election and maintain that Membership for the duration of office
  • Attend Annual Membership Meeting
  • Contribute to board conversations outside of Annual Membership Meeting in good faith
  • Conform to Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Vote on all issues before the Board


  • Manage oversight for all Board work, including accountability and individual Board member responsiveness. As part of this responsibility, institute hiatus for lack of response from any officer and notify the designated Board backup role; in the case of continued lack of accountability of any Board officer, initiate a discussion with that officer regarding their service.
  • Declare Board decisions final following any votes, and communicate them to the appropriate committees, volunteers, and other parties; cast the deciding vote in the case that a Board decision is found to be at an impasse
  • Serve as a signatory on SF3 bank accounts and hold a credit card on behalf of the Board, to be used for general SF3 purchases.
  • Provide Secretary with a list of items for annual meeting, from which to draft the agenda, and run the Annual Membership Meeting
  • Per the bylaws, may appoint committee members & identify committee heads; represents SF3 on ceremonial occasions
  • Sign hotel contract after it is negotiated by the ConCom Hotel Liaison. Per bylaws, must not sign until chair(s) for the corresponding WisCon have been appointed or agreed upon.
  • Manage website and serve as co-admin on the secure online document storage account (Box). Serve as titular owner on committee online workspaces (Basecamp).
  • Carry out any miscellaneous ad hoc tasks that do not obviously fall to the Treasurer or either of the Secretaries. This may include, for example, correspondence when obtaining legal advice on behalf of the organization.
  • Serve as backup to the Treasurer in cases where they are unavailable.

Vice President

  • Serve on all standing committees, serving as liaison to the Board
  • Remain familiar with and aware of all presidential duties
  • Serve as backup for the President’s duties in cases where they are unavailable.


  • Submit annual SF3 budgets to the Board for approval, including those for all Committees, soliciting input as necessary
  • Submit SF3 taxes and other licenses/permits
  • Maintain D&O Insurance for SF3 triannually and acquire event insurance for all in-person events
  • Monitor PO Box; delegate collection of mail to a secondary Board member if necessary
  • Serve as main admin for Board-specific secure online document storage (Box); set access & permissions appropriately, and conduct general oversight regarding the contents of the account
  • Give advice regarding financial requests for one-time purchases, including durable equipment made by committees including the ConCom, in terms of SF3’s total holdings
  • Liaise with and supervise the work of SF3’s volunteer bookkeeper, who maintains financial records and prepares reports
  • Serve as backup for the Secretary’s duties in cases where they are unavailable.


  • Track all voting proxies submitted by members not attending the Annual Membership Meeting
  • Call and record all votes during the Annual Membership Meeting
  • Take minutes at the Annual Membership Meeting
  • Work with President to post Annual Membership Meeting minutes to SF3 website
  • Mark minutes from most recent year “To be approved at (date of next meeting) Membership Meeting”, following approval, mark minutes “Approved at (date of approval meeting) Membership Meeting”.
  • Contact Board members monthly as a group for upcoming task/progress updates
  • Keep all Board policies and procedures up to date.
  • Work with the Board to create new policies and procedures as necessary.
  • Work with the President to ensure that all work accomplished during the Annual Membership Meeting, such as confirmation of Committee Chairs, is reflected on the SF3 website.
  • Monitor all general emails addressed to SF3 and respond or share with the rest of the Board as appropriate when the Secretary is unable to do so.
  • Receive meeting items from President and create Annual Membership Meeting agenda
  • Send agenda and any grant application materials to members prior to meeting
  • Receive list of paid members from Treasurer, communicate details of meeting including phone number for conference call and physical location of meeting to all membership
  • Monitor and review content on SF3 website biannually for accuracy and communicate any necessary changes to the President
  • Communicate with all SF3 Grant applicants and recipients, deal with inquiries throughout the year.
  • May write some SF3 blog posts; these will be posted by the President, or by the Vice President in the President’s absence.
  • Monitor all general emails addressed to SF3 and respond or share with the rest of the Board as appropriate.
  • Serve as backup for the Vice President’s duties in cases where they are unavailable.

Development Director

  • Work with the Board and WisCon Personnel to develop the organization’s volunteer base.
  • Find ways to expand the SF3’s reach offline and online
  • Find opportunities to promote SF3 as an organization
  • Expand our grants program by finding sources of funding.


  • Assist other Board members on special projects
  • Provide liaison duties to SF3 projects
  • Communicate with the SF3 general membership and the members of SF3’s projects about their work each quarter.

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