About SF3 Grants

SF3 awards grants during its annual meeting in October. Occasionally awards are granted on an emergency basis. Organizations and individuals should submit their request by 60 days before SF3‘s annual meeting or 60 days before the grant is needed. Please note that SF3 has never approved a grant larger than $2,000; most have been significantly smaller.

Grant submissions must include the following information in ~100-500 words.

  • Goals/purpose of the project to be funded
  • Details as to how the grant will be used (for example, as part of a larger project? To pay for something specific? As general funds?)
  • An explanation as to how the project is aligned with the interests of SF– i.e., science fiction and feminism (including related ideas: gender, race and class), and science fiction activities in Wisconsin.
  • Note of any time-sensitivity of request
  • References (Examples: Is any member of the organization known to an SF3 member. Sample publication. Name of hotel that will host your convention. Advisor’s name for an academic project.)
  • Full contact information, including phone, email, website, and mailing address

Organizations or individuals who receive SF3 grants will be required to report back to SF3 on the progress and outcome of the funded project. For example, a copy of your publication, film, convention program book, website link, book or academic paper.

In making funding decisions, SF3 will consider

  • the value of the proposed project
  • its compatibility with SF3 interests
  • SF3‘s financial health

To apply for a grant, send your proposal to

Past Recipients

  • Start-up funds for SF conventions: MadMediaCon (Madison), FilmCon (Madison), ConBust, ThinkGalactic, FOGcon, TeslaCon
  • Clarion West
  • Arthur C. Clarke Foundation,
  • Groups: James Tiptree, Jr Award, Broad Universe, Carl Brandon Society
  • Octavia Butler Scholarship
  • Publications: The Infinite Matrix, edited by Eileen Gunn, Strange Horizons, Laadan Dictionary by Suzette Haden Elgin, WisCon Chronicles, Aqueduct Press
  • Fan funds: TAFF and DUFF
  • Research Grant, Joan Haran, on the topic of Cultural Activism as demonstrated by WisCon convention committee