Aurora 25, Vol 10, No 1 Table of Contents

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Aurora 25, Vol 10, No 1 (PDF)

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction: On Feminism, Science Fiction, and Humor (and Madison Fandom) Diane Martin 2
Poetry Over Your Shoulder Pat Stewart* 3
Letters Jessica Amanda Salmonson 4
Letters Bruce Gillespie* 4
Letters Ethel Lindsay* 5
Letters Leland Sapiro* 5
Letters Buck Coulson 5
Letters Joanna Russ* 6
Essay An Open Letter to Joanna Russ Jeanne Gomoll 7
Poetry TheMirror’s Tale Pat Stewart 10
Essay Humor in Star Trek Susan Balliette 11
Poetry The Little Green Martian Fare Carol Poster* 12
Book Review Magic Mamas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans & Perverts, by Joanna Russ Hank Luttrell 13
Book Review Con Report: A Review of Joanna Russ’s The Female Man Philip Kaveny 14
Book Review On Strike Against God, by Joanna Russ Janice Bogstad 15
Book Review The Zanzibar Cat, by Joanna Russ Philip Kaveny 15
Book Review The Two of Them, by Joanna Russ Diane Martin 15
Book Review Rapunzel’s Revenge: Fairytales for Feminists, by Attic Press Judy Goldsmith* 16
Book Review Something Shady,by Sarah Dreher Diane Martin 16
Book Review A Feminist Dictionary, by Cheris Kramarae and Paula A. Treichler Diane Martin 17
Art Brad W. Foster Front Cover, 2, 18
Art Steven Fox* Front Cover, Back Cover, 2, 5, 11, 12, 18
Art Jeanne Gomoll 4, 7
Art Joan Hanke-Woods Front Cover, 6, 27
Art David Johnson* 16
Art Robert Kellough Front Cover
Art Stella Mockingbird* 12
Art Joe Pearson* 23
Art Gregory G. H. Rihn 14
* We have not been able to contact this contributor.

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