Janus 17, Vol 6, No 1 Table of Contents

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Janus 17, Vol 6, No 1 (PDF)

Table of Contents

Editorial All the News that FI— Jeanne Gomoll 2
Essay Point/Counterpoint: Jeanne Gomoll 4
Esssay Point/Counterpoint: Support the Boycott! Richard S. Russell 4
Essay Point/Counterpoint: Chicago! Chicago! Gregory G. H. Rihn 4
Essay Future Insulation: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again Ctein* 8
Book Review A Golden Fantasy, A Review of The Golden Gryphon Feather, by R. L. Purtill Jessica Amanda Salmonson 13
Book Review A World Between, by Norman Spinrad Jeanne Gomoll 14
Book Review Born to Exile, by Phillis Eisenstein Jeanne Gomoll 15
Book Review You Don’t Have to Call Us Michael: A Review of Messages from Michael, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Karen Jones* 15
Poetry Marsprobe Steven M. Tymon* 16
TV Review What’s on the Tube, Boob? Gregory G. H. Rihn 17
Alternate Universe Movie Review Celluloid Fantasia Stu Shiffman 18
Fanzine Review Fannish Fanzines Jeanne Gomoll 20
Fanzine Review Club Zines, Genzines, Newszines, Special Interest Zines, Perzines, Reviewzines, Foreign Language Fanzines Diane Martin 22
Humor Bizarre Apartment Life Richard Bruning and Jeanne Gomoll 25
Movie Review Show & Tell: Alan in Tinselland (Alien, Star Trek—the Motion Picture, The Black Hole, The Empire Strikes Back) Richard S. Russell 26
Letters Robert Frazier* 30
Letters Janrae Frank* 30
Letters C. J. Cherryh* 30
Letters   Charles Saunders* 30
Letters Michael DuCharme* 30
Letters Mog Decarnin 31
Letters Jessica Amanda Salmonson 31
Letters Georgie Schnobrich 31
Letters Avedon Carol* 31
Letters Charles Seelig* 32
Letters Arlin Teeselink* 32
Letters Jeff Hecht* 32
Letters Scott R. Bauer* 33
Letters Mike Rogers* 33
Letters Brian Earl Brown* 33
Letters Elizabeth A. Lynn 34
Letters AnneLaurie Logan* 34
Letters Steven P. Johnson* 34
Poetry And He Will Love You Terry Garey 35
Letters Jessica Amanda Salmonson 31
Art John P. Alexander* 27
Art Mary Bohdoanowicz* 14, 31
Art Richard Bruning 25
Art Grant Canfield 25
Art Steven Fox* 17, 20, 23
Art Alexis Gilliland* 25
Art Jeanne Gomoll 3, 25
Art Joan Hanke-Woods 26
Art David Thayer 25
Art Steven V. Johnson 1
Art Lawrence Juliano* 8, 30
Art Sarah Prince 14
Art George Schnobrich 25, 27
Art Stu Shiffman* 18, 19
Art Arlin teeselink* Front and Back Covers, 12, 32, 35
Art David Vereshagin 16
* We have not been able to contact this contributor.

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