SF3 Annual Member Meeting wrap-up

Chris Wallish
SF3 Communications Committee

SF3, the nonprofit parent organization of WisCon, held its Annual Member Meeting on Sunday, Oct. 18.

We are pleased to announce the following SF3 Grant awards:

It was a tough year for grants, with requests exceeding funds available. We regret that we weren’t able to fund all requests as fully as we would have liked.

The SF3 Board also finalized a minor reorganization of its standing committees, announcing the following committee structure and chair appointments:

  • WisCon Convention Committee — Jackie Lee, Interim Chair [At the time of the meeting; now succeeded by Aileen Wall]
  • Fundraising Committee — Mathew Murakami, Chair
  • Communications Committee — Chris Wallish, Chair

The board itself also saw some personnel changes, as both Recording and Corresponding secretaries were at the ends of their terms. Outgoing Recording Secretary was Jim Leinweber and outgoing Corresponding Secretary was Tanya DePass. We are very grateful to them for their service to the board. Thank you both!

We are pleased to welcome the new officers in these position, both of whom begin three-year terms.

  • Corresponding Secretary — Jacqueline (Jackie) Gross. Jackie is from California by way of New Jersey and currently works for UC Berkeley Campus Shared Services. She was a member of the BASCon Con Com for its entire 11 year run, works as a vendor/talent wrangler at San Diego Comic Con and other shows, and is currently a juror for the 2015 Tiptree Award.
  • Recording Secretary — Andy Smith. Andy lives in Seattle where he’s a project manager at a game company, which keeps him too busy to play games. He worked on the Potlatch 24 concom and drafted that convention’s harassment policy. He has been going to WisCon since #30 and tends to be on panels about comics and anime.

Current bylaws, tax returns, and minutes for SF3 will be posted to the SF3 website by the end of the year.

If you have any questions for the board, please contact the Corresponding Secretary: correspondsecretary@sf3.org

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