2020 SF3 Annual Meeting: Sunday October 18

The 2020 SF3 Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, October 18, 2020, at 1PM (Central). This meeting will be held virtually; you can join by telephone or internet. If you are a current SF3 member you will receive information about how to join by Saturday October 17, via the email address we have on file.  

In order to vote at the annual meeting, you need to be a current member. The deadline for joining the SF3 prior to this year’s meeting is Wednesday October 14, at 11:59pm.

Membership in SF3 runs for one year only, beginning at the Annual Meeting and ending just prior to the next year’s meeting. Were you a member for last year’s Annual Meeting? You will have to purchase a membership for this year if you wish to attend and vote at this year’s meeting.

Membership rates, a PDF membership form and mailing instructions, and the online membership gateway are all available on the Join page on the SF3 website.

You can submit your membership form either online or in hardcopy by mail.

If you purchase your membership online, you can do so anytime before the deadline above. Mailed membership forms and payment must be postmarked no later than the deadline. If you plan to purchase or renew your membership by mail, please email the SF3 Treasurer at treasurer@sf3.org before the deadline; this will allow us to ensure that you receive meeting information in a timely manner, even if the mail is delayed.

If you become an SF3 member and are unable to attend the meeting, you may choose to ask a member who will attend to vote for you by proxy. The proxy form can be found on the SF3 website, and must be submitted by 11:59pm Central Time on Saturday, October 17.

One officer term ends this year, the Vice President, and two others are being filled for the remaining two years of their term. If you are considering putting your name forward for either position, you can find more information about SF3 officer duties on the SF3 website. If you have additional questions about either role or about the process for joining the Board, please email SF3’s Personnel Committee at personnel@sf3.org or email the Board with questions about their experiences at board@sf3.org.


  • Old Business
    • Officer Reports
      • President Report
      • Vice President Report
      • Treasurer Report
      • Secretary Report
      • Development Director Report
      • Reports from Members-at-Large
    • Committee Chair Reports
      • WisCon ConCom Report
      • Communications Committee Report
      • Personnel Committee Report
  • New Business
    • Board officer positions
      • Vice President (term ending 2020)
      • President (filling remaining 2 years of term)
      • Treasurer (filling remaining 2 years of term)
      • FYI: Secretary, Development Director, and current Members-at-Large have one year left in term. 
    • Notice of appointment of Committee Chairs. (As a reminder, these appointments are made throughout the year)
      • Communications: Kit Stubbs
      • Personnel: Ira Alexandre
      • WisCon ConCom: open
  • Plans for SF3 and WisCon in 2021 and 2022, in light of COVID-19

If you have any questions about the upcoming meeting, please contact the SF3 Secretary (Bronwyn Bjorkman) at secretary@sf3.org.

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