2011 Tax Returns

The SF3 tax return documents for the fiscal year ending 8/31/12 have been posted to SF3’s website, here: http://sf3.org/about/#documents.

SF3 makes the tax returns submitted in the past three years available for public review. Our fiscal year begins September 1 and ends August 31.

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SF3 Annual Meeting: October 9, 2011

It is almost time for SF3’s annual meeting. The meeting will be held Sunday, October 9th, 2011, at 11:30 am in the conference room next to the restaurant at the Concourse Hotel. On the day of the meeting, please check the Hotel’s meeting board to confirm the correct room.

SF3 stands for “The Society for the Furtherance and Study of Fantasy and Science Fiction,” and it is WisCon’s parent organization.

SF3 membership is required to vote on any issues that come up during the meeting. The basic membership dues are $12 and may be paid in person at the meeting.
If you are unable to be physically present at the meeting, you may fill out a proxy form here: http://sf3.org/meetings

We will review proposals from other organizations for funding. An election for the position of SF3 Vice President will take place, as the current VP is stepping down. We will discuss other various old/new business, including revisions to our current bylaws – if you would like a copy of the full agenda, e-mail info@sf3.org.

For members who wish to attend via phone, please contact the Corresponding Secretary at info@sf3.org.

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Tiptree Award Book Club

Join a conversation on Maureen McHugh’s evocative and powerful short story “Useless Things” at the James Tiptree Award website from March 1 to March 31. Moderated by Karen Joy Fowler, this discussion marks the start of the Tiptree Award Book Club, a forum for conversations about the works honored by the Award and the issues they raise. If you are interested in gender issues, the apocalypse, and the intersection of the two, you won’t want to miss this. “Useless Things” can be found in Eclipse 3, edited by Jonathan Strahan, and in the 27th edition of Gardner Dozois’ World’s Best Science Fiction.

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Elizabeth Moon

SF3 has withdrawn the invitation to Elizabeth Moon to attend WisCon 35 as guest of honor.

Comments concerning this statement can be left below or sent to info@sf3.org.

Comments are also being collected at WisCon’s Momentary Taste of WisCon blog, at http://wisconnews.blogspot.com/2010/10/elizabeth-moon.html

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Two Resolutions

These two motions were passed during the SF3 annual meeting on October 3, 2010. These motions represent RECOMMENDATIONS to the WisCon committee from the mother corporation SF3. They do not represent action taken by the WisCon committee.

MOTION: it is the sense of the SF3 Annual Meeting that rescinding Elizabeth Moon’s GoH invitation would best serve WisCon’s goals and community.

MOTION: a vote of confidence (and chocolate) in the troika in their attempts to handle a very difficult situation so far.

If you have any feedback about these statements, please e-mail info@wiscon.net
E-mails sent to this address will go to the SF3 Corresponding Secretary.

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